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Modern Inventions that are ancient

Among the many modern things that were known to the ancients were turbines and pressure engines worked by steam. Long before the birth of Christ, Roman potters were stamping their names on devices, domestic utensils and vases by means of movable type, while the Chinese were engaged in block printing in the 19th century A.D. In ancient Alexandria there were advertisement pillars to which public notices were affixed with gum. The Romans had not only these but also huge boards painted with red and black letters as advertisements. That asphalts and asbestos were used by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia before 3500 B.C. is proved by the discovery of these materials. Similarly building in cement concrete was no secret to their descendants. The fire engine was invented by the Greek Ctesibius about 200 B.C. and there was an organised fire-fighting service in Rome in the last century before Christ.  (Wisdom issue FEB-2014)

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