‘Manu Samhita’ is an Indian text about code of law

The Manu Samhita also known as the Manu-Smriti or Manava-Dharmasastra is a famous Sanskrit text about code of law and Dharmasastra textual of Hinduism. It talks about the principles, morals, duties and schedules that a person should follow in its life. Manu Samhita talks about the responsibility of a person towards other people and his own family in addition to towards Lord. The Manu-Smriti has total 12 Chapters and 2685 Shlokas (verses). It formed the root of Hindu law. The Manu-Smriti is considered as one of the oldest important texts during the time of 200 BC and 200 AD. According to Hindu ritual, the Manu Smriti records the words of Brahma. The author of Manu Samhita is Saint Manu. It is believed that Manu was the ancient teacher of sacred rites and laws. He was a religious practitioner and a scholar in astrology.


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