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Proper foot care is an important part of good Diabetes Management

foot careLet me tell you how the feet are involved in diabetes.  Symptoms may occur only later on, these may be in the form of a sensation of pins and needles in the limbs, or a burning sensation or numbness with a loss of normal sensory perception in the feet. Diabetes also affects your ability to handle germs and infection, as a result of impairing the body’s immune system. Thus, if you develop a non-healing wound under the sole of your foot and if a minimal amount of dirt contaminates it, you are more likely to develop a serious infection which may take a long time to heal even the response to antibiotics may be slower than normal. The infection may spread up the leg and may get into the blood system, endangering not only the limb, but also life. Additionally, in some diabetic patients circulation may pose a problem to the limbs, further impairing the ability for an ulcer to heal. If circulation is extremely poor, one of the problems encountered is that of progressive death of limbs leading to what is known in common terms as gangrene. I am not telling you all this just to scare you ! It is the right of the individual to know as to what potential problems he or she may encounter when he has a certain disease. It is also important to know as how to prevent complications, before they occur, since prevention is better than cure. Foot care for diabetesOne of the cardinal recommendations is to avoid walking bare-foot at all times when a person has diabetes even when inside the house. This will reduce the risk of ulceration multi-fold. If there is even early impairment in nerve function in the feet, it may be necessary to recommend foot-ware made-ware, there are a lot of imitation products in the market. The problem with these imitation products is that they are extremely soft and even though they appear to feel very comfortable while walking, since they are so soft, the foot actually makes more contact with the hard ground, increasing the liability for trauma to the sole. Maintaining moisture over the surface of the limbs is also important. Soaking the feet twice a day for 15 minutes in cool or lukewarm water is a good practice. Drying the feet after this is important. It is important not to use hot water which may result in blister formation especially if sensory perception is lost. In conclusion, proper foot care is an important part of good diabetes management as important as diet, exercise and medication.

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