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Sri Siridi Sai Amruta Bani


My words are always pregnant with meaning and are never hollow .

Think of him always. He will take care of you.

Surrender to his holy feet with body, mind and soul completely and then see what he does.

All the insects, ants, the visible, movable and immovable World are my body or form .

Alla Malik(God) is our sole protector .

Do not worry . Whatever is destined to happen , will happen.

Jnana is a matter of realization. It is not a subject for instruction.

Lord will protect him who possesses faith and patience.

One should have no mamata(attachment) but have samata(equality) towards all.

All my sense are concentrated in My eyes, and My eyes on My Guru, the sole object of my meditation.

When the Dwarakamayee protects what can the calamities do?

I am Omnipresent but people fail to recognize me.

As you have sought my protection, I give you a pledge that I would cross even beyond seven seas to help you.

All that is happening is God’s leela.

Avoid needless conflicts and falsehood.

Apply Udhi over the affected part and the pain will subside.

Why do you fear when I am here?

I save my own children who else will ?

As long as the body remains, Samsara(World) remains.

All mental and physical activities constitute the Samsara(World) .

All persons, all creatures differ in form etc, why ? Because of previous Karmas.

Offerings of wealth, grain, clothes are not the only form of dakshina. To obey the Guru is also dakshina.

Let the mind meditate ceaselessly on His form and the tongue chant His name.

If anybody sings my leela, I will give him infinite joy and everlasting contentment.

Be wherever you like, do whatever you choose, remember well that all what you do is known to me.

Blessed and fortunate indeed is he, who knows me.

Blessed is he who knows the greatness of his Guru and thinks him to be Hari, Hara and Brahma(Trimurti) incarnate.

Give up all your desires and meditate on the Lord. When the mind is focused, your goal will be achieved.

God gives renunciation only to him with whom he is pleased.

By remembering Sadguru all the time, the abstraction caused by impediments will vanish.

Believe me, when I will pass away, My bones in My tomb will give you hope and confidence.

Written by -
Er. Dipti Ranjan Panda
Dept. of Water Resources
Government of Odisha

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