Kuanria Dam Site : Medium Irrigation Project in Odisha

Kuanria Dam

Just on 18th January 2015, I had visited the spot with an official picnic event. A distance of 7 km from Daspalla town near village Odasar in Nayagarh district of Odisha. It is the largest river dam of Nayagarh district. We can find here forests with incredibly lush flora and fauna, a very good nature spot with a deer park. About the Dam intercepts a catchment area of 124 km2 across the stream Kuanria and Khalkhala. River Kuanria is the right bank distributary of river Mahanadi. The project provides irrigation facilities to an ayacut of 3600 ha. in Khariff and 1908 ha. in Rabi. A homogeneous earth fill dam of 1576m total length with a saddle spillway of 75m length having 5 Nos. of radial gates of size 13x5m has been constructed across above two streams to create a reservoir. The maximum height of the dam is 21 m. The gross storage capacity of the reservoir is 22 M m3. The construction of the Project commenced in the year 1977. The dam and spillway works were completed in the year 1982 and distribution system by March 1988.


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