Padma Shri Prafulla Kar : The fourth highest civilian award in the country goes to him

Prafulla Kar, a household name in Odisha as famous musician was chosen for Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award in the country. He is the only one from Odisha to figure among 104 Padma awardees, Known for his mellifluous voice, Kar has been a patron of Odisha’s rich cultural traditions and recorded Odia Bhagabat and Odia Chhanda, a rare collection of traditional Odia songs. He has scored music in over 70 Odia films and lent his voice to hundreds of film, radio and album songs. The 76-year-old maestro has also composed music for numerous Odissi dance dramas and ballets. He said after awarding “Obviously one feels good with such a recognition. But more than the award I am cherishing the kind of love and affection people of Odisha are showering on me after the news broke. My phone has been ringing constantly as hundreds of well-wishers are pouring in congratulatory messages.”


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