Khordha city and Barunei hills

Khordha city of the Indian state of Odisha has an unique place in history as being the last kingdom to be conquered by the British in 1803. The Paika Bidroha of 1817, led by Jayee Rajguru and Bakshi Jagabandhu. Dalabehera of Tapanga Garh also played a leading role during that time. Khordha city is famous for Barunei temple a top the Barunei Hills. Maa Barunei Temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Barunei a manifestation of Shakti. The temple has idols of the twin goddesses Barunei and Karunei in the sanctum sanctorum. A beautiful stream flows from the hills which is known as Swarna Ganga, which enhances the beauty of this place.


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