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Ancient Mehrgarh Era

Mehrgarh is located on the Kachi plain of Balochistan, now in Pakistan, one of the most important Neolithic sites of archaeology. It covered an area of 200 hectares at its peak. It is considered to be one of the earliest sites with evidence of farming and herding in South Asia. The early Mehrgarh residents involved inhunting and they domesticated animals like cattle, sheep and goats. They cultivated barley, wheat, einkorn, jujubes and dates. People used stone and bone tools such as polished stone-axes and bone-pointers for hunting. One of the important characteristics of Mehrgarh is its gradual development from an early village society to a regional center.

Use Pottery
Mehrgarh Period I (7000 BC-5500 BC), was Neolithic and did not have the use of pottery. Evidence of hand made pottery begins from Mehrgarh Period II (5500 BC-4800 BC). In Mehrgarh period III (4800 BC-3500 BC), potter wheel was developed and they produced large volume of fine terra-cotta figurine and pottery with exotic geometric designs. They also manufactured and produced ornaments of beads, seashells and semi-precious stones.

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