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How far is the milky ways farthest star ?

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Image Credit & Copyright: Uniview by SCISS Data: SOHO (ESA & NASA), John Bochanski (Haverford College) and Jackie Faherty (American Museum of Natural History and Carnegie Institute’s Department of Terrestrial Magnetism).

Here’s an amazing discovery that was just brought to bear this year; first week of July actually.  It’s believed that the Milky Way is roughly (very roughly) 100,000 light years in diameter with 100-400 billion stars (which means we don’t know) and a halo extending out to a mind blowing 500,000 light years from the nucleus.  Well astronomers have apparently just been forced to push back the boundaries of what’s allowed for residency in our star city.  If we, at 25,000 light years from the galactic center are in the suburbs, then these two newly discovered stars are officially in the sticks!

The two stars are cataloged as ULAS J0744+25 (in the constellation Gemini) and ULAS J0015+01 (in the…

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