An Official Picnic Trip to the Dam site of Budhabudhiani Irrigation Project on 26th.Jan.2014

bbipI got a chance to visit here along with other officials on the eve of 26th January. Budhabudhiani Dam Project under Water Resources Department, Odisha is situated in Nayagarh District. 25 kms. from Nayagarh town towards Odagaon and Sarankul. The Dam was constructed across river Duanto which is a tributary of river Kusumi, which is joining at the right flank of river Mahanadi. Total length of Dam is 1341 meter along with 1305 meter of earth dam and a spillway of 36 meter length. The maximum height of the Dam is 24.39 meter. The spillway is located on solid rock foundation with no geological problems. The Dam Project was completed in 1967. Natural scenic beauties of this place attracts everyone. Numbers picnickers are coming here to enjoy the natural beauties.


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