Maa Ugratara Shakti Pitha : Bhusandpur in Khordha district of Odisha


The Ganga Gajpatis of Odisha established one temple of Ugra Tara at Mulajhargarh, near Bhusandapur in Khordha district, Odisha. Ugra Tara was the presiding and the protecting Goddess of the fort of Mulajhargarh, which was just in the border of Chilika Lake near Bhusandapur. Even though in course of time this fort of Odisha has been lost to oblivion, still the Goddess Ugra Tara, then the Deity of the fort, was worshipped by Brahmin priests under Tara mantra and offered cooked vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. This spot is an ideal place for picnics. Bhusandpur is about 50 kms by road from Bhubaneswar, which is a scenic spot frequently visited by tourists and picnickers. Devotiees from almost all parts of Odisha, visit this holy shrine every day. The shrine draws huge crowd throughout the year. Especially on Raja Parba in the month of June, it is one of the most & famous festive ocassion of Ugratara Shaktipitha.


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