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Amazing experience of visit to Mangalajodi and it’s Global Importance

Land of thousand birdsMANGALAJODI is a village, beside lake CHILIKA, the largest salt-water lagoon of Asian sub-continent. It is a wet-land which is famous for migratory birds. In winter visitors in large numbers come here to have a look at the colourful birds and scenic beauty of lake Chilika. Moreover, this village carries historical importance and was a place of UTKALIYA NAU-BANIJYA. Traditional folk dances like DANDA-YATRA and SHREE RAMLEELA is still in practice in this village. The village has the 2nd oldest BADI-PALA MANDAP. It is known from the reliable sources that in RAJO festival BADI-PALA takes place every year for five days infront of MAA MAJHIANEE TARA  since 19th century. In order to promot Ethical value some villagers started SRIMAD BHAGAVAT SAPTAH inside the holy campus of Sri Sri Patitapaban Dev. Besides this, olden history and culture of this village was under its cultural influence. The PATITAPABAN TEMPLE is a fine example of Odishan-influenced Indian architecture. MANGALAJODI is now declared as “INTERNATIONAL BIRD AREA”. In the 2001, Government – state wildlife wing, the forest and tourism departments have visited this site on the heels of the spectacular turn around of poachers and the efficacy of the bird committee at Mangalajodi. Chilika Development Authority has financed construction of a bird interpretation building at Mangalajodi, apart from a Watch Tower and Jetty. Presently, so many Non-Government-Organisations with local bodies and an olden bird protector group of Mangalajodi (Mahaveer Pakshi Surakshya Samiti) are promoting it’s tourism importance. Now Godwit Eco-Cottage and Mangalajodi Eco-Tourism doing their effort to undertake research and development in promoting and supporting large number of sustainable rural livelihoods..

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